Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching Services by Avant

An extensive toolkit for high-performing teams.

The best performing teams at the best performing organizations take routine training to ensure their skills are sharp and that they’re working efficiently.

Avant Systems Group offers several training courses and programs that aim to bring your organization’s work practices to the next level.

Our process


Preliminary discussions with your organization yield what level of proficiency your teams are operating at. We'll look at the tools you're using, start some working sessions with key team members, and create an assessment for the next step in training.


After assessing awareness among the remaining team members, we'll conduct sessions and ensure basic comprehension by everyone.


Finally, we'll conduct hands-on coaching through an actual business project with your team. As the team gains confidence, we'll reduce coaching sessions and watch your productivity take off.

Ready to make the jump?

Avant Systems Group is an , with years of expertise in providing and supporting our clients with Atlassian implementations all over North America. Join our growing family of clients and set your organization up for success.

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