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Specializing in many areas of the IT consulting industry.

Avant provides many services supporting IT departments and organizations around the world leveraging the power of Atlassian brand products. 

Need to make an Atlassian product or license purchase? We can hook you up.
Atlassian's server products reach end-of-life on February 2, 2024. Don't get left behind.
No matter what your business is, leveraging Atlassian products enables progress. Let's talk.
Offering data residency in Canada, and fantastic up-time.
We love to code, and we love building fantastic software for our clients.
Our system administrators are highly trained and offer superb support for your organization's systems.
Helping your people and practices transition to development super-speed.

Atlassian Service Experts

Reach out to us for all your Atlassian product licensing, support, and configuration needs. We’re an , happy to provide assistance with everything in the Atlassian suite of products.

Join the webinar:
Enterprise Cloud with Atlassian

Atlassian's approach to business needs when heading 'up'.

August 17, 2022 | 11am CDT | 1/2 hour | Via Zoom

Enterprise orgs are the biggest of big, with a set of challenges that’s every bit as complex. We’ll talk about how many successful enterprises are staying competitive, growing, and thriving the Atlassian way, with a suite of collaborative work management products deployed in the Cloud.