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Perhaps unsurprisingly, we’re huge fans of all things Atlassian. They make incredible products that help organizations across the world build better software and do more efficient work. Here you’ll find the latest and greatest items straight from Atlassian itself.

The latest Atlassian Resources

PMC - The State of Service Management 2022

The State of Service Management 2022

Forrester surveyed over 1,000 digital and IT professionals responsible for IT/digital decision-making and strategy to better understand the practices they use and how their choices relate to business value.

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End BSM Now

End Bad Service Management now! Make the switch to Jira Service Management with this limited-time offer.

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Atlassian Open DevOps

Open DevOps gives your team everything they need to build, ship, and operate software while enabling you to mix and match Atlassian tools with other vendors.

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Atlassian Product Experts

Reach out to us for all your Atlassian product licensing, support, and configuration needs. We’re an , happy to provide assistance with everything in the Atlassian suite of products.