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New Employee Spotlight: Nima Honarmandan

Nima Honarmandan

Avant Systems Group is thrilled to welcome Nima Honarmandan to our company as a Senior Account Executive.

Nima’s credentials include a Master’s degree in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, as well as numerous certifications from Scrum Alliance and Kanban University. Throughout his career he’s put these capabilities to work in professional roles that were far removed from bridges and engine components.

After a decade working in technical pharmaceutical business development, Nima embraced a career in the world of Agile methods; specifically helping businesses and their people get more out of their processes by empowering staff to adopt Agile methods in their work.

Nima has worked alongside directors, VPs, and enterprise coaches to support them in thinking about how processes and tools can best be employed to improve return-on-investment and a happier, more motivated workforce.

Nima joins our team to support senior Avant consultants and make Atlassian application adoption simple, collaborative, and effective for our clients. At a time when more companies recognize the value of cloud-based, robust solutions, Nima’s talents and expertise will be a key component to the long-term success of Avant Systems Group and our clients alike.