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New Atlassian 2021 pricing changes, and some good news too

Hot off the presses: pricing changes are coming on October 12, 2021, from Atlassian and many of its Cloud products. We’ve got the run down of what’s happening and why.

Pricing changes and what they mean for you

These pricing changes will impact organizations that will be deploying Jira Software – Standard, Premium, or Enterprise, Jira Service Management – Premium or Enterprise, Confluence – Standard, Premium, or Enterprise, and Atlassian Access in the future. If you’re already using these products, you’ll be put on an advantaged pricing plan to save some of the price increase.

These pricing changes also include advantaged pricing plan rates, however, which will increase this year as well. If your business is (or is about to be) on an advantaged pricing rate, the following products will be impacted: Jira Software – Standard & Premium Editions, Confluence – Standard Edition, Jira Service Management – Standard Edition.

Automation for Jira

Automation for Jira will also be subject to pricing changes. Previously, Jira Service Management – Standard customers who were employing Automation for Jira, were placed on a free trial of Jira Service Management – Premium until October, 2020. After this time, they were placed on an advantaged pricing plan. Because of the upcoming advantaged plan price, these customers will see a small price increase. Advantaged pricing customers have been historically shielded from big pricing changes (read: increases) due to the nature of advantaged pricing (a slower ramp up instead of a sticker-shock big jump in price). 

Some…insight… into pricing changes on the horizon.

If your organization was employing or trialling the Mindville Insight App for Jira Service Management – Standard before it was bundled in to the Premium and Enterprise Editions, you’d have been placed on a free trial for Jira Service Management – Premium for six months. This trial ends on October 1, 2021, so Atlassian will place these customers onto Jira Service Management – Premium with advantaged pricing. If you were using the Mindville Insight App  with the Free edition on Jira Service Management, you’ll have to opt into the Premium Version to continue using it.

Finally, if your organization is based in Turkey or India, you’ll find a new administration fee on your bill that will address some regulatory costs in those countries. 7.5% of applicable software & apps on Server & Data Center products in Turkey; and 2% of applicable software products & apps for Server, Data Center and Cloud products in India. These fees are only applicable if your organization and your Atlassian Partner are both based in one of those countries.

And now for the good news!

For all the incoming price increases, the capability of JSM Standard, Premium, and Enterprise  products is being significantly improved. Prior to October, 2021, Atlassian Access only supported 10,000 users in an official capacity, despite that user tiers were priced for up to 40,000 users. Atlassian Access will begin officially supporting up to 40,000 users for monthly an annual subscriptions to help accommodate the bumps that Jira Software and Confluence have received (20,000 users respectively). 

As well, Atlassian is introducing a new monthly per-user price tier for 1,001 – 5,000 users and adjusting the price for 5,000+ users to keep the marginal price as-is, offering a bulk (or progressive) discount for enterprise users at higher tiers. 

What’s the bottom line?

We’re not going to sugar-coat this, if you’re using any of the above Atlassian products or apps, it’s likely the bill will be a bit higher come October. The situation could be much worse, however. If you’re still operating Atlassian Server products, you’ll want to start seriously considering making the jump to cloud for your organization, as server products are set to be End-of-Life’d on February 2, 2024 (which seems like a long time, but it’s not). Atlassian’s Solution Partner Network anticipates overwhelming demand for cloud migration assistance when that deadline gets closer, so it would be very smart to get your migration process underway sooner than later. 

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