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Atlassian Jira Software

Project management software, for software projects.

Jira Software is the #1 work management platform used by Agile development teams to make work visible, trackable, and…well, complete! 

Atlassian Jira Software
Workflow Diagram

Use Jira to plan projects track work assign tasks report progress

Set up your project into manageable issues (tasks) and assign to the team all from the same place. Watch the work move from their backlog, to in-progress, to done, and everywhere in-between. 

Taylor-made for Agile teams

Jira Software has major features designed for Agile work, including Scrum and Kanban. Get your projects, whatever kind they are, from to-do, to done.

For service management and non-technical team work, Jira’s family of products use the the power of Jira’s engine to help all teams deliver value.

Breakdown business work into manageable bites. No code required.
An ITSM solution that delivers value fast.

Fully integrated with Confluence, Bitbucket, and more.

Link epics and issues to related Confluence pages, or code changes in Bitbucket, or both. Keep everyone on track with progress that’s visible, and the information to keep it moving across all your Atlassian products.

Ready to make the jump?

Atlassian Products are facilitated by trained Solution Partners all around the world. We help organizations make licensing, installation, and training on your new systems easy. Avant Systems Group is an , with specialized training in bringing fantastic products like Jira Software to your organization, so you don’t have to go it alone.

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