Atlassian Jira Service Management

An ITSM & ESM solution that delivers value.

More than just an IT service management solution, Jira Service Management provides service request management for all your service teams. Let every department take requests and keep the whole organization running smoothly for internal and external customers.

A better way to implement
IT HR Facilities Customer Legal General Service Management.

A help center for everyone.

Preconfigured projects, task-types, and workflows allow you to stand up your Jira Service Management instance instantly and deploy. Help Center input creates tasks to be addressed by service teams  and templates customized for the way your organization likes to work. If your organization needs help making it perfect,  talk to us to get started. 

Jira Service Management

Easily audit, track changes, and make a positive impact on customers.

If you’re on the inside of service request fulfillment, Jira Service Management offers an intuitive interface where critical work gets visibility, changes get tracked, and operational risk gets minimized. Make sure teams of all kinds are working to deliver value to customers in everything they do.

Keep an eye on your queue.

See what needs doing in the queue panel. Tasks can be assigned, prioritized, and classified as your operation sees fit. SLAs can be configured to keep resolutions timely.

Watch the work flow with workflows.

Move tasks through statuses to see progress at a glance. Use preconfigured templates or set up your own custom workflows to keep on top of the to-do list. 

Awesome templates, out-of-the-box

Preconfigured projects, task-types, and workflows allow you to stand up your Jira Service Management instance instantly and deploy. All templates are inifinitely customizable to the way your organization likes to work. Don’t want to go it alone? Talk to us to get started with a customized Jira Service Management implementation. 

Pricing advantages? Sure! 
Let's talk.

As a licenced reseller of Atlassian-brand products, Jira Service Management included, we can provide payment methods, terms, and even price breaks not available through Atlassian directly. If you’re looking to start with Jira Service Management or if you’re already using it, reach out to us to discuss our Atlassian licence management services.

Atlassian ITSM & ESM is better in the Cloud

Join thousands of companies who have made the switch from on-prem solutions into Atlassian Cloud Apps. Jira Service Management offers best-in-class cloud-based service request management software. 

Server Migration

Ready to make the jump?

Atlassian Products are facilitated by trained Solution Partners all around the world. We help organizations make licensing, installation, and training on your new systems easy. Avant Systems Group is an , with specialized training in bringing fantastic products like Jira Service Management to your organization, so you don’t have to go it alone.

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