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Thanks for taking the time to complete your online assessment. You’ve just completed the first step in your cloud migration journey!

Based on what you’ve told us about your organization…

Your cloud migration will be relatively simple.

Users: < 500
Details: 4+ products, 10+ custom apps, 100+ custom fields.
Estimated completion time: 1-6 months.
Approach required: “Lift & Shift” with blended or migration tooling.
Cool custom setup you’ve got there! A cloud migration can be achieved, but choosing the right approach and bringing your custom content along adds complexity. Let’s talk about how to navigate the transition.

The time required to complete your migration is influenced by many factors including the level of dedication to this transition by your organization. If you’d like to know more about the approaches that Solution Partners like us use, check out our webinar walkthrough.


Check out our Cloud Migration Strategies webinar

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