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Simplified Issue Linking in JIRA

Issue Linking has proven to be a very powerful feature for teams using JIRA. However, +

Continuous Improvement with the Root Cause Analysis add-on for JIRA

Every company or organization strives for continual improvement and while companies developing software are often +

Logs and Ops – Streamlining Troubleshooting and Management of a Hosted Atlassian Environment

Simplifying and streamlining troubleshooting and management is critical for getting the most out of your +

Eliminate Merge Nightmares with Git Essentials: Part Two

  In part one of the Eliminate Merge Nightmares with Git Essentials post, we presented a scenario in +

Eliminate Merge Nightmares with Git Essentials: Part One

  It’s late in the workday and I’ve just checked in the last chunk of +

How Avant Uses JIRA for Inventory Tracking

Great Minds Think Alike? The recent blog post over at Atlassian about how they use JIRA for +

MadCap Flare Documentation Migration into Atlassian Confluence

Cool! We Have a New Collaboration Tool… Now What About Data Migration? When a new +