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Bring your Atlassian support, payments, and licensing all together with Avant. Your one-stop shop for all Atlassian products and services.

Why buy from us?

Using a Solution Partner for Atlassian Software licensing offers several advantages:

  • Speak to and clarify your product needs with a verified human-being.
  • Standard invoicing terms available.
    • Purchasing direct from Atlassian requires a credit card or money order
  •  Invoicing is available in several different currencies including CAD and USD.
  •  Partner-specific discounts are sometimes available, reach out to us to discuss.

Optimize spend for max ROI.

Let us take the headache away from managing Atlassian licenses. We’ve got Atlassian’s pricing down to a science and can offer your organization the best bang for your buck. We’ll also let you know if licencing changes are on the horizon to make sure there aren’t any surprises.

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