Atlassian 2022 pricing changes

This just in: pricing changes are coming on October 18, 2022 from Atlassian for many of its Cloud products.

Pricing changes and what they mean for you

These pricing changes will impact organizations that are deploying the following products on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. These increases reflect a ton of great new product features, enhancements, and integrations:

These increases reflect a ton of great new product features, enhancements, and integrations. These pricing changes relate
only to cloud versionsServer and DC versions of these products are unaffected by this price change.
of these products, which will see a price increase of 5% of on average. For those on an
advantaged pricing planTalk to us to determine if you’re on an advantaged plan rate.
, price increases are also slated to bring these products nearer to or on par with the new list price.

What can we do about it?

  • Depending on when your renewal date is, we may be able to lock current pricing in an annual (12 or 24 month) subscription to mitigate the financial impact.
  • If you’re looking to move to Cloud, generating a quote before October 18 will allow you to dodge the 5% price increase for up to 24 months (annual subscription only).
  • Finally, if you’re in a position where you’ll need to upgrade your current user tier, committing to that upgrade prior to October 18 2022 will save the price increase for up to 24 months (annual subscription only)
Talk to us for a free assessment of your current plan.

I’m still on Server. Does this matter to me?

Maybe. If you’re looking to move to cloud, any new Atlassian product quotes generated or changed after Oct 18 will reflect the new pricing. To save that expense, Talk to us about generating a quote for your cloud migration as soon as possible. If you’re still operating Atlassian Server products, you’ll want to start seriously considering making the jump to cloud for your organization, as server products are set to be End-of-Life’d on February 15, 2024. Atlassian’s Solution Partner Network anticipates overwhelming demand for cloud migration assistance when that deadline gets closer. Talk to us today to get your migration started. 

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