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Agile Training & Coaching

Agile Training training & coaching solutions by Avant

Get your teams and tools working better together.

Implementing the right processes at the right time delivers the best business value. 

We’ll assess your team’s awareness of basic Agile principles so everyone has the same foundation. We’ll then tailor a program to help your entire team understand how Agile works to get them working better, both as a team and with other Agile teams.

Our Agile training & coaching process


Preliminary discussions with your organization yield what level of Agile proficiency your teams are operating at. We'll look at the tools you're using, start some working sessions with key team members, and create an assessment for the next step in training.


After assessing awareness among the remaining team members, we'll solidify your team's understanding of Agile concepts, conduct sessions, and ensure basic comprehension by everyone.


Finally, we'll conduct hands-on coaching through an actual business project with your team. As the team gains confidence, we'll reduce coaching sessions and watch your productivity take off.

Level-set your teams for maximum Agile output.

Agile has been a concept for more than 20 years, so it’s likely that your teams have encountered or used some flavour of it before. A key component to our Agile training and coaching methods involves giving everyone a common framework, regardless of their prior experience with Agile. 

Sharper software tools help sharpen teams.

Nail your organization’s Agile transformation with proven assessment and delivery methods by Avant. We provide a wealth of information regarding best practices and an extensive toolkit for team-centric operation. Once you’ve got the basics, refine your team’s practice to be as Agile as you can be. 

We offer training and refresher courses on several Atlassian-Brand products that support Agile practices so your teams can make the most of them. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Agile Coaching

Enlist us for post-training coaching sessions.

With our training program completed, your teams will face the day-to-day reality of delivering work though their new techniques. Our follow-up Agile coaching sessions help to ensure your agile transformation is a successful one.

Our accredited Agile coaches will follow your team for a number of sessions to answer questions, work through ceremonies in practice, and maintain momentum as your teams gain confidence.

Agile courses: help your organization stay the course.

An important component to our training and coaching methods includes several different session-based courses. After assessing your organization’s Agile proficiency, we tailor these training offerings to create a proposal that suits your teams the best.

We’ve built an Agile Transformation Services Overview document that shows our approach and capabilities in greater detail. Complete the form below and a copy will be emailed to you instantly.

Ready to make the jump?

Avant Systems Group is an , with years of expertise in providing and supporting our clients with Atlassian implementations and Agile training & coaching services all over North America. Join our growing family of clients and set your organization up for success.

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