Agile Coaching

Agile coaching for business teams

Optimize the synergy between your people, processes, and tools.

Your team has been trained in Agile and they’re ready to apply what they’ve learned. Facing the day-to-day reality of Agile operation can be daunting for teams who are new to this mindset. Engage with Avant to guide your teams and ensure your Agile transformation remains on-track. 

Agile coaching at all levels

Keep teams & management operating together

Maintain Agile mindset at various levels of your organization with Agile coaching practices designed to create synergy between leaders and team members. Our hands-on coaching sessions evaluate progress and tailor to your team’s Agile proficiency over time.

1-on-1 methods for targeted success

Move from team coaching to role-based

Individual team members benefit from team coaching sessions as well as individual sessions to apply Agile mechanics and mindset in their respective roles. 

Team-level Agility gains strength through sessions with management and executives to develop business Agility across the entire organization.

Agile Transformation Services Overview

Our Agile training courses help your organization stay the course

An important component to our training and coaching methods includes several different session-based courses. After assessing your organization’s Agile proficiency, we tailor these training offerings to create a proposal for training delivery that suits your teams the best.

We’ve built an Agile Transformation Services Overview document that shows our approach and capabilities in greater detail. Send us some contact information and we’ll email you a copy.

Ready to make the jump?

Avant Systems Group is an , with years of expertise in providing and supporting our clients with Atlassian implementations and Agile training & coaching services all over North America. Join our growing family of clients and set your organization up for success.

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