About Avant Systems Group

About Avant Systems Group

An innovative IT integration and workflow solutions company.

An innovative IT integration and workflow solutions company.

Avant – a prefix meaning “before” or “forward.” Occasionally used in some technical terms; from French ‘avant’, meaning “before.”

At Avant Systems Group, we’re a continuously growing collection of exceptional human-beings, with an equally exceptional level of human customer service. The juxtaposition isn’t lost on us, but we’re really great at using computers to help teams work better together. Want to speak to someone about your project? We’re available in the flesh. Need to get something done? We’ll have it done before you know it.

We’re an ; as well-versed in using Atlassian products in our own day-to-day as we are at deploying them for our clients. We know exactly how important your Atlassian tools are to your operation, because they’re every bit as important to ours.

As an organization we embody the Agile mindset and apply these principles to our projects to ensure we deliver value to our customers. We’re passionate about change management and we’re very excited to be a part of that for our clients every day.

Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner

Our fearless leaders

Ryan Hannah

Ryan Hannah | President & CEO

Winnipeg Atlassian advocate for more than 9 years | CPA | Jira Service Desk | Jira Project Administration | Has a guitar in every room.

Peter Rohne

Peter Rohne | VP Operations

Winnipeg Atlassian advocate | Managing Jira Cloud Projects (ACP-MJCP) | SAFe 5 Program Consultant | PMI Certified Project Manager


Rocket Ship

Our purpose:

To help organizations work smarter together.

Rocket Ship

Our passion:

To supercharge our clients processes through innovative technology solutions.

Our Core Values

Move fast, fail fast, learn fast

Move fast. Fail fast. Learn Fast.

We learn by doing. Making mistakes and taking risks is a natural way to learn. With that, we value speed, responsiveness, and operating with a sense of urgency.


A promise made is a promise kept.

Every commitment, no matter how small, is important. Simply put, we say what we are going to do and we get it done.​

Better today than we were yesterday

Be better today than we were yesterday.

The technology landscape is constantly changing and improving our lives. Our mandate is to harness these changes and continuously improve our own knowledge and business.

Have fun while getting the job done

Have fun while getting the job done.

Our teams aren’t shy about expressing their personality in everyday interactions with our clients. We love to know our clients on a personal level to make your project experience as pleasant as possible.​

We care

We care.

We apply care in all that we do. We care about our staff, our colleagues, our clients, and our work. We care about diversity of thought and opinion, and we respect individuality. We earn your trust by being open and truthful.​

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